Shirley Rose Jones

Find Yourself: A Guide To Self-Awareness 

Shirley Rose Jones shows strength of spirit and a constant and cognitive harmony of character. She always arises to excellence and she is a woman of conscience. Shirley Rose Jones is the astoundingly remarkable author of Find Yourself: A Guide To Self-Awareness.  After many years of research on the intrinsic behavior of people this book arises.   Exemplary in her stance to bring forth the unknown untruths to the all-knowing and all clear enlightenment, she has written books for all educators, all families, and all mature ages so truth is shown, and healed.  Gifted with the extraordinary ability to feel empathy for others, Shirley found out at an early age how to compassionately love others just as God commanded all of us to do.  Thus, she can help many people to live happier lives.  Shirley is committed to love the unloved, to support the unsupported, to help the unprivileged, to understand the misunderstood, and to uplift the depressed through her writing and her motivational tapes and speeches.  

Shirley presents an inclusive and diverse record of outstanding performance in writing, editing, publishing, proofreading and research for over ten years. She specializes in finishing writing jobs, publishing and business projects for individuals and all size businesses. She embarks on a policy of getting small and large projects done the right way. Customer satisfaction is important to Shirley. She worked in the health care industry for many years and is skilled in the varied subjects of health and nutrition. Shirley has a Bachelor of Science in psychology, which widens the scope of her experience in relating and dealing with subject matters. If you want high-quality results in your business or individual project, Shirley is the solution.






Writing is my first passion, and secondly, I love to do research. During my many in health care, I came in contact with many people who were healthy and some who were gravely ill. I learned through my experience to recognize the circumstances that affected them the most. It became much easier for me to assist people in their healing by focusing on raising their self-esteem. People who had high levels of self-esteem healed faster and were able to better handle negative prognoses about their health. They were better able to accept instructions and apply them to their conditions.

Self-esteem is a major part of healing, and we can help ourselves when we build our confidence while we are healthy. Both men and women need to feel that they are special, but many of them do not have a spouse or family member to help them feel this way. 

I wanted to write a book that was applicable to everyone so that they can find their inner difficulties and, by their own efforts, defeat them. I selected topics for chapters that each person can relate to in their lives and in the lives of others who surround them. This book is about each person doing what is needed to make positive change in their own lives. When a person reads this book, I want them to be unable to put it down. Also, I hope this book is a reference guide that a person can read when they are going through hard times. Everybody should have a collection of powerful books to read so that they can elevate their emotions when a crisis happens.  


How Did Writing This Book Help Me? 



Writing this book gave me great pleasure and allowed me to re-evaluate myself as I was writing. I used the same tools to empower myself daily, and I enjoy re-reading them when necessary. I want everyone to embark on a personal motivation movement in their own lives. This means having self-empowerment methods at their fingertips to access for immediate encouragement on a daily basis.

When life circumstances take an ugly turn, we must be equipped to take charge and maneuver these negatives into positives. Crises, negative interruptions, bad situations, and whatever other situations life brings cannot conquer us if we are equipped with crisis management tools—such as the motivational supplies offered in this book—to access for ourselves and our situations immediately.

Self-development is not new to many people—and many of us have good knowledge of it—but how many of us use it daily? We must apply this knowledge to our problems. We must apply it to the methods we use for solutions to daily problems and to our families’ lifestyle, especially in the way we raise our children. When we apply positive actions and reactions in our homes, our children become more positive thinkers. Instituting the concepts of self-motivation and self-evaluation in our homes and daily lives are wonderful for our children.

I intended for this book to be a family book. It is a book that families can enjoy discussing with young adults; will feel good about reading it. I want our nation’s families and young adults to have easy access to inspiring books and to be enthused about reading them. I encourage the entire family to read this book and discuss it.


Amazing Results From Research On Low Self-Esteem In Young Girls And Boys




A study was done on 769 Norwegian teen girls and 735 teen boys—a total of 1,500 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. These teenagers volunteered to answer a questionnaire that included questions about self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and depression. The needed guidelines were followed, and the questionnaire was confidential and anonymous. Researchers analyzed their self-esteem, and the difference in self-esteem when the girls’ scores were compared with the boys’ demonstrated that self-esteem lessons need to begin early in life.

The results indicated that teenage girls had a less-positive outcome compared with teenage boys. According to this study, the young girls had significantly more depression, stress, and anxiety, whereas young boys scored higher in self-esteem than the girls. The researchers linked high self-esteem in these participants with a decrease in rates of depression. During the teenage years, high self-esteem is necessary to balance this turbulent stage of growth and development. We hope this book will bridge the gap in families and will be used as a guide to develop high self-esteem.

Low self-esteem emanates from the teenage years into adulthood [Crowther et al., 1992; Fairburn et al., 1993; Gordon, 1990; Hoek, 1995; Shisslak et al., 1995]. According to The Prevalence of Eating Disorders Research, United States. 10 million women and 1 million men have eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or borderline situations. At least 50,000 Americans will die from eating disorders. Eighty percent of American women are dissatisfied with their appearance, and fashion models who women admire are thinner than 98% of American women [Smolak, 1996]. We want our book to strike an immediate balance and allow people to discover true happiness and self-awareness to overcome low self-esteem issues that are the root causes and triggers for these kinds of problems. We need to have a new beginning of self-confidence education across the nation and in every household.

Research by Dove provides these remarkable statistics: Worldwide, only 4% of women think that they are beautiful. On a global scale, only 11% of girls feel at ease using the word “beautiful” to describe themselves. Seventy-two percent of girls feel that they are pressured to be beautiful, and 80% of women concur that “all women have a specific beauty” but do not see their own beauty. 

Worldwide, 54% of women concur that they are their own worst beauty critic. [Dove Research: The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited] There is a significant decrease in self-confidence globally among our population, and with this book, we embark upon a quest for everyone to obtain the skill of having positive self-awareness. This entails individual knowing their self-worth and finding out their positive characteristics and accentuating them. Every individual must know that he or she is beautiful and unique. Our book emphasizes this uniqueness in each person.

Spouses should also be able to sit down together and share their relationship status after reading this book. The objective in the section about relationships is having honesty towards each other and having unity between the sexes. It should create a truthful dialog between spouses and help them to understand and appreciate each other to greater depth. Family issues and life’s problems should not be a reason to ignore the attention and the care that our relationships need. When each person in the relationship puts in the reasonable work needed from each other, life’s problems are easier to solve. In a relationship, each person has equal responsibilities to guide the relationship in the right direction. In the book, I wish to give the reader great pointers and simple ideas on how to make each other more actively involved and have pleasure in their relationship.

Overall, this book is written with you in mind. It is sophisticated yet easy to read. It is the book that every person should want to own in order to experience an advanced level of personal development and self-confidence.