Natural Hanmade Green Tea Soap


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Green Tea Soap (4 Oz Bar) – Handmade Natural Organic Soap with Therapeutic Essential Oils and Green Tea Extract. Excellent for body, face and hair.

Handmade organic soap bar- Herbal Green Tea Soap.Featuring a mesmerizing blend of colors, this natural handmade soap is made using Green Tea extract; the very same extract used to make the ever-popular and nourishing Green Tea. Green Tea traces its roots back to Ancient China where it has been used as a beverage and as a medicinal additive for centuries.

Green Tea extract is loaded with antioxidants that will help protect your skin from infections and inflammations. To an extent, it can even safeguard your cells from destruction, be it from the harsh sun or disease. And if you’re a Green Tea lover, a bath with this product will leave you smelling like your delightful beverage for hours on end.

Using the Greet Tea Soap is akin to immersing yourself into a warm cup of freshly-steeped Green Tea. You’ll get to relish the subtle herbal aroma while enjoying great skin protection all day long.


Homemade Soap - Natural Organic Soap with Essential Oils


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