Breast Cancer Risk Assessment: Give Yourself This Gift


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This test evaluate the Good Estrogen and the Bad Estrogen. The good estrogen help to fight cancer and they are 2-hydroxyestrone (2-OHE1) – You need high levels, 2-hydroxyestradiol (2-OHE2) – This has anticancer effects, 2-methoxyestrone (2-OMeE1) – has anticancer effect and 4-methoxyestrone (4-OMeE1) – Non-cancerous. You must know the levels of bad estrogen in your body. They are 4-hydroxyestrone (4-OHE1) – If too high it damaged DNA, 16-a-hydroxyestrone (16a-OHE1) – If too high it causes tumor. This ratio is need 2-OHE:16a-OHE1 (2:16 ratio) -If lower than 2.0 is dangerous and indicate high risk for breast, cervical, and other estrogen related cancers. The preventative measure is nutritional interventions. 2-OHE1:2-OMeE1 – High levels  may lead to tumor development.


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